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Acrylic Rendering Sydney | Cement Rendering Sydney AL’S

The usual old method sand, cement, and lime/clay. A quick affordable way to renovate your old house or add style and a modern look to any new house.

An acrylic render is any type of render that uses acrylic, which is a type of plastic in the mix. The acrylic makes the render much stronger and more flexible than traditional rendering mixes, which means that it is much less likely to crack after its been applied. Two coats are generally applied depending on surface. Another benefit of acrylic rendering is that it can be applied to a range of substrates including painted walls, concrete timber, fibre cement blueboard, hebel, foam sheets and so on. Traditional render simply cannot stick to those surfaces. Acrylic render is also incredibly fast drying. Another advantage of acrylic render is that it allows the material underneath to breathe, allowing for a drier and healthier home, at the same time it is also water resistant and will not succumb to bacteria and fungi.

Flexible acrylic textures, trowel applied and float finished to a decorative feature texture standard incorporating texturing aggregate the product grade (aggregate sizing) and finish process (vertical or swirl) determine the style.

Scratch coat/ Granosite 1mm classic fine scratch decorative finish- elegant style to complement classic or contemporary architecture.


Scratch coat/ Granosite 2mm classic medium fine scratch decorative finish- bold feature finish in either swirl or vertical styling.

Scratch coat/ granosite 3mm High build scratch finish for maximum surface levelling and covering power- bold feature finish typically in vertical styling



Acrylic Texture delivering style float render finish in coloured full acrylic coating over base render    and all prepared surfaces. Colour by choice, comes in different grains.